Speaking of books!

What a sickening pretentious display...

What a sickening pretentious display…

How’s this for an idea…

“Eileen of Avoca” ,The journal of a 23ft sailing boat…. in hard-back hard-copy soon?

With a blurb that reads…

It has been eight years since Eileen of Avoca set sail with her current owner (yours truly) from Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. Since then she has travelled through the canals of Belgium and France, sailed the Mediterranean as far as the shores of Alexandria Egypt, then returned to England via Gibraltar and the Bay of Biscay before setting off once more to cross the Atlantic and reach the Caribbean.

A grand adventure (’tis true ’tis true) and all recorded for posterity in one of the longest continuously (or should I say spasmodically) running sailing blogs (perchance true?) on the Internet.

This is not your usual book-to-be about sailing feats. For a start, there are no boating sponsors, no intended goal, no tragedy, no voyage of self discovery or even a whiff of an official record attempt… (there are some photos of pretty girls though).

Thumbs up... I'm counting it as a "like"....

Thumbs up… I’m counting it as a “like”….

Just the tale of a disillusioned nine-to-fiver who went sailing because it was his way to “get away”. Dripping with observational humour (I flatter myself these days… and even laugh at my own jokes when no one else does) and the occasional dash of sarcasm (perhaps it should read the other way around). Eileen of Avoca’s journal is a riveting (really?) if sometimes tall tale of the hardships (what hardships?) at sea, and the not so hardships at anchor (I’m particularly fond of those)…

Sprinkled here and there with a fact or two (I’m sure there is at least one), and padded with an occasional rant, it’s sure to have something that strikes a chord with everyone, whether they be armchair adventurers, dreamers, travel voyeurs, (out-patients with nothing else to read in the general practitioners waiting room), cynics, or hard-core sailors preparing for their next extreme challenge.

(Or…. perhaps not!)


A social call.

Nothing to do but watch the sun set.

Nothing to do but watch the sun set.

Just one last stopover before Trinidad. Union island. Not my favourite, but a chance to catch up with Ron on his yacht Restless before I get stuck on more mundane matters. No ma, I don’t mean you ma….

Who’s Ron?

In the world of single handed yachtsmen, with 25 years+ of cruising under his belt, Ron is a legend. Well, perhaps an almost legend. Or would be legend, if anyone outside of sailing circles knew about him. Since he doesn’t write a blog, promote a rally or attempt to build a marina like some narcissistic self promoting sailor types, we may never know.

However, we are all waiting on the book!

Speaking of which, I did meet another single hander in Honduras on a gaffer with more than 45 years of cruising who did write a book.

Little Fish Big Pond” John A. Smith.

Makes my eight years with Eileen seem paltry.