Where did all the blog posts go?

Solving the puzzle of the pause!

Solving the puzzle of the pause!

My last post had me arriving in Martinique at the beginning of May. Eight months have passed! A considerable hiatus in blog writing, even for me. What gives?


Work and family.

The former, as you may know if self inflicted. These days I have a yacht rally to run every September, and while it may only run for a month, there is a great deal of preparation involved.

As for the later?

The prodigal son must on occasion do more than “phone home” if he is to remain in the “good books”. Need I elaborate further?

And so, after a mostly uneventful sail back to Trinidad to haul out Eileen of Avoca at Power Boats Chaguaramas, you can cross off two months as “time spent doing penance” for the care free lifestyle I’ve been enjoying.

I flew home to visit mum….

What of the other six? I’m getting to that…