Photos in Mindelo, Cape Verde

What follows is another small collection of photos that I hope will give you a feel for this place and it’s people.

It's Christmas here in Cape Verde

Nothing beats a glow in the dark plastic nativity scene for Christmas!

Even the local church glows in the dark!

In fact, the locals have gone to town with all the lighting, it’s all very festive… I’m impressed.

The French sailors, hangout!

But much of my time is spent seeking out the best Internet connection…. The french speakers go here!

Internet and Pizza at Cocktail...

While the rest hang out at Cocktail…

Service with a smile!

My preference is for the Alliance Francaise…. 🙂

Patron saint of stray cats!

Though I hear all the cool cats hang out here!

Sailors Bar

This is the Cape Verde equivalent of the Sailors Bar in Gran Canaria.

Pool by the Marina in Mindelo

But why hang out there when you can relax by the pool….

It was a teeny weeny.....

Where the view is so much more refreshing…. 😉

The local chandler

But enough loafing about…. I still have work to do on the boat…

Street market in Mindelo

Provisions to buy….

Typical house in Mindelo, Cape Verde

Places to visit….

Door to Chandler

People to see…

Children playing table football

and games to play….

But perhaps I’ll just have one last beer first…. 🙂

The Cape Verde ideal woman...

Here’s to a picture postcard land of beautiful people….

The next generation!...

…and their future…


2 thoughts on “Photos in Mindelo, Cape Verde

  1. David, Happy New Year and thank you for the fascinating photos from the Cap Verde islands. I must admit I had almost no knowledge of them apart for the name.
    Sorry to hear about your continuing problems with the water ingress into the prop bearing. Your comment on the hull anode reminds me that several Y23 owners (myself included) found that their engine anodes were used up very quickly at first but the replacements lasted much longer. Bearing in mind your new engine I suggest you check the anode if you have not already done so.
    So, do you have a date in mind for departure to Brazil?
    Very best wishes, Steve

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