I think I will sail alone across the Atlantic today

Sailing across the Atlantic

Goodbye Cape Verde!

I can’t answer my email just now as I am currently at sea, (and will be for at least the next 20 days….) Please leave a message after the tone….


Updates to the blog are promised as soon as I reach Brazil…

PS: If there are no other updates, one of the following has happened:

a) After an epic battle with a freak storm, Eileen finally surrenders to the monstrous breakers and I’m lost at sea… 🙁

b) I’m shipwrecked on an uncharted island and busy impersonating Robinson Crusoe 😐

c) There is just too much fun to be had in Brazil to bother with writing a sailing blog that virtually nobody reads. 🙂

Take your pick!

6 thoughts on “I think I will sail alone across the Atlantic today

  1. Small (boat) is beautiful. I read you and hope a pleasent passage of the “doll drums”. Give my compliments to Neptune!
    João (Lisboa-Pt)

  2. Hi David, we hope that its option 3, but, of course, there is an option 4..

    4) Stranded on desert island, like Robinson Crusoe, my only company a lost colony of Brazilian ladies…Eileen hauled ashore…may be here for some time….

    Sincerely, we wish you fair winds and god bless you our friend.

    Let us all know when you arrive.

    Brad, Diane and Lupin.

  3. Good luck and happy sailing it was great to bump into you in Dartmouth last year.
    I am only a bit jealous of your sailing adventures, long may they continue.
    Kind Regards


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