Never occurred to me to wonder why I blog

Yet another blog article is created…

Anchorage bound and feeling borderline apathetic, it’s obviously time for another rant from yea “not so old” gaffer…

While making a recent backup of my web site, I made the following startling discovery. I’ve been writing about my sailing adventures with Eileen of Avoca for nearly six years, and despite my spasmodic posting habits, I’ve managed to notch up the magical 90000 word count for a decent sized novel!

Having reached this questionable landmark, a feat to be duly entered in the annals of of…

But surely comparable with the conquest of Everest, or the taming of someones shrew…. ( So momentous that I’m struggling for correct let alone applicable analogies…), Frankly speaking, I’m amazed that I’ve reached this far. There were times…..

Fortunately my motives for compiling this literary marvel were not exclusively focused on gaining fame and fortune.

Those f words are reserved for single-handed, non-stop, round the world prepubescents….

… and rightly so. I’ll dutifully be the first to buy a copy of their latest book with accompanying plastic back scratcher… I can only applaud their accomplishments.

Especially since I’m no stranger to monetary gains or popular acclaim myself. 😉

Sailing blog statistics

With currently generating a hefty $2 a week in ad revenue and ranking # 6,552,083 in the world… (Right up there with the likes of www.londonbusinessloans in the UK and www.pesticide of Romania), despite sailing writers being a dime a dozen…. one can only be duly impressed. Or not. 😛

Those resilient few who have somehow managed to digest my early ramblings, largely based on the intricacies of navigation, such as which course was set, how far I traveled in a day and what sail combination was most suitable, will perhaps appreciate the web sites dramatic evolution.

Has not the trip report (something I’d grown accustomed to producing as an active member of a 4×4 club member (in a previous life), and felt compelled to repeat for both my benefit and that of the Yarmouth23 Owners Association who’s members regularly documented their outings), not grown into something more? (Which course was set, how far I traveled that day and what sail combination was most suitable…plus… who I met when I got there with accompanying photo of their derrière)?


But even if that’s not the case, I’ve at least managed to compile myself a detailed aide memoir. I’ll be able to hand out laminated copies to all the other residents of the nursing home for itinerants (in what I dearly hope will be the extremely distant future), and proudly say….

When I was young….


Am I mistaken or has a little negative sentiment been creeping into my content of late?


Do I have a problem?

Oil feeding the shaft collar

I’ve been making extra checks before my next leg to Cape Verde and decided to take a closer look at the lubricating system for the propeller shaft. I’d noticed since the new engine had been installed that the level of it’s oil reservoir (nothing to do with engine oil), remained suspiciously constant and that there was some whitening in the tube near the nipple attachment (see photo). Obviously some water was getting into the tube but why? Are the seals in need of replacement? If so I’ll need to be lifted and this isn’t really the best time to be thinking of hoisting Eileen out of the water.

Oil resovoir

The other possibility is that as I am heavily loaded, I sit a few inches lower in the water. I noticed that the little plastic bottle was fixed very near the water line so perhaps there was not enough height to gravity feed the system. I’ve moved it higher and am hoping for the best.

I also sent a message to the other members of the the Yarmouth23 Owners Association (my defacto support team) to see if anyone else has had a similar issue.