Stuck doing administrative chores!

Ah, but if you could only see the queue inside the post office!

I find that nothing induces high blood pressure more effectively than a generous dose of bureaucracy…. though perhaps an hour or two stint playing “join the queue” at Saint Laurent’s local post office is a close contender…

I’ve been inflicted with both while preparing to visit Suriname.

Comments pertaining to Suriname (on noonsite), are highly favorable, but the key phrase for navigators to note is this:

Immigration procedures can be time consuming, but are greatly simplified if visas are obtained in advance. Although there is no need for yachts to obtain a visa in advance as application can be done after arrival.

“Greatly simplified” apparently implies that the administrative burden should be diluted through prior preparation…. To lessen the blow upon arrival?


My passport is currently taking a two day journey to Cayenne to undergo forensic dissection by Surinamese officials… Go figure!

Can’t say I’m comfortable handing over my passport, but it’s not the first time this curious practice has been a prerequisite for obtaining tourist visas.

The obligatory queue at the post office was to pay the 42 Euro fee, but I can’t blame anyone other than myself for that… I couldn’t remember the pin number of my credit card… Grrr

And there I was wondering why my engine was overheating…

On the plus side, I’ve had plenty of time to track down the recalcitrant impeller bits that were clogging my engines cooling system!