Pleasure before travel…

s/v Sandpiper visits Saint Laurent du Maroni

Would you look at that! A UK registered vessel here in Saint Laurent du Maroni, and all because they read about it here.

What did they have to say about their stay?

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  5. here:
  6. did I mention here:
  7. and here:

to find out.

While all set to sail to Domburg in Suriname, I’m certainly not going to miss out on Saint Laurent’s “Fête patronale”…

Why are my internal organs vibrating so?

While the idyllic anchorage becomes relatively noisy during the 5 days of festivities I’m not one to complain.

What harm can a little music do?

Buy your hair here! All shades all textures!

So let your hair down and join in on the fun…

Move over…. I’m driving!

Lots of activities for the children,

Welcome welcome… to the greatest show on the Maroni….

in fact, everyone is welcome.

A little more light over here please!

As you can see, the stage is set….

Testing 123 testing testing…..

Sound systems are go….

I’ve been assimilated by the borg… resistance is futile….

The cameras are rolling…

Ground control to Major Tom….

And all brought to you “live” from the Amazon!!!

Who will be Miss Saint Laurent 2012???

Election 2012 of Miss Saint Laurent du Maroni…

You dare wonder why I have not yet left for Suriname?