What happens afterward?

I think I read a book with this title when I was in the 6th grade. It unraveled the mysteries behind what happened to Humpty Dumpty after his fall, and shed light on Sleeping Beauty’s subsequent years of insomnia… Riveting stuff, believe me!

Which logically leads me to wondering, what happens to all those blogs when their authors finish playing Odysseus?

Some just “peter away” while others end abruptly… but why?

From the few that I’ve actively followed, I can at least shed light on some of the whys…

For many, it all ends when:

The boat is sold and the blog dies because they got to where they were going…

Logical and very pragmatic. Back to life ashore…


An unexpected stork delivery causes a strategic rethink

Happened to my Swedish friends… The ones I first met in Lanzarote sailing Mazarin.

Two blogs had an abrupt end in their case (but only the second http://sy-biscuit.se/ for this particular reason).

I’m betting there will be a trifecta. 🙂


Someone dies!

This happens more often than you might think. If it’s not the sailors themselves it’s a close relative. Understandably many abandon the journey and/or the keyboard at this point. Shortly afterward the “Server not found” message greets blog access attempts.


The author makes a point of disappearing…

Perhaps they are tax refugees or the visa expired three months ago and they intend to stay. I’ve come across both types in South America and the Caribbean. In either case it’s obvious that keeping the blog project alive gets relegated to the “this is potentially detrimental to my health” bin.


They go commercial (a fate worse than blog death).

I theorize that when this happens, it’s intentional. Making money was the plan from the outset. The blog only served as a stepping stone for building “street cred” and to gain a following with a targeted audience. The pheonix web blog rising from its ashes is a horribly mutated promotional beast that makes all Internet purists shudder. I’m sure there is even a complete “HowTo” devoted to the technique in web marketing courses.

When I start franchising stores selling the “man of constant leisure” line of clothing for real adventurers you will say “Ah, I knew there was a catch…”

The label does has a certain charismatic ring to it does it not? Textile magnates reading this can contact me to discuss the deal.


They stop chasing rainbows because they realize there’s no pot of gold to be found after all.

Warning! This is the blog fate reserved for romantic idealist and dreamers. Beyond the horizon lie only dragons and disillusionment, but do set out anyway. I for one will be savoring each and every post up to its tragic but inevitable conclusion.

You see, the art of cynicism is not dead…

I wonder which reason will eventually lead to this blogs demise?


Until then,  let me conclude this post with a practical solution to premature blog termination.

While what happens afterward will still remain a mystery, sailing blogs that end (for what ever reason) need not die. For the sake of posterity, if you can no longer host it, I will (archived, but accessible nonetheless).

No strings attached.


6 thoughts on “What happens afterward?

  1. Great post. I’ve been reading sailing blogs for almost 10 years now, and I have grown to hate the cliff hangers. Of course, they don’t owe me anything, but it sure would be nice to know what happened in some cases.

    You have taken some fairly long leaves of absence from the keyboard. Several times I’ve thought you might have gone native or ended up in some river tribe’s pot. It is always a relief to see a new post go up.

    The sailing blog that really got me hooked was that of S/V Ladybug (http://www.ladybugadventures.com/). It has been dormant for many years, but they were kind enough to provide an ending and leave the site up mostly unchanged. I still go back and check it out every now and then.

    By the way, I could probably be convinced to buy a ‘Man of Constant Leisure’ T-shirt. When you get bored some time, make up logo and post it on cafepress.com. I think you can sell a few t-shirts and caps without becoming a total sellout right? As long as your heart is pure, why not make a few bucks. 🙂

  2. David,

    Lots of people enjoy reading your blog. basically, I have read every single post you posted. I think it is not wrong monetizing a blog if you are helping people. There are many people who would be happy to buy an ebook from you that will show them how to prepare and manage their journey. There are too many BS online from people who have not walk the walk but only doing the talk. That is where you are different; you are doing it. almost a master by now.

    I don’t think it is selling out to earn some money by being authentic. In today’s world no matter where you try to hide there will always be a government that wants to get some money from you. So why not earn some to keep doing what you love doing. get in touch with me if you ever want to earn a bit more from your blog that the 2 Euro a week. Really, no body will think you are selling out.

    Have fun.
    Former rat race colleague

  3. Nothing you’ve ever written in this blog has made me question your judgement half as much as those flip-flops you designed. Although, the Port/Starboard design might be good for my wife. I still have to call out directions as “left” or “right” for her.

  4. David
    Nice thought to archive sail blogs. I’ve the same experience with suddenly inaccessible nice stories.

    I use to read some Swedish now alive narratives:
    http://yrvind.com/ (And you thought your boat is small??. See “present project”)
    Not updated but accessible:
    http://www.autonik.se/vindela/ (At home since many years but a very nice chap)

    Try Google translator where needed. If the result is strange I can possible help you to clear it out? But since you now are a Dutchman:-) the written Swedish idiom should not be too insuperable. At least referring to my Dutch friends whom by the way found your new flag a much reasonable option compared to to old one.

    I do enjoy your blog. Please let it live long.

    Rgds Håkan

  5. Ah, but you must remember that I’m in the Amazon and animal prints are all the rage here, especially in Saint Laurent du Maroni… I had to immediately place orders for several girls here… Photos to be posted when they arrive!
    I’ll certainly be back on cafepress soon, Who would have though I could get so much amusement out of designing flip-flops!
    I owe you several beers for coming up with the idea.
    I’ll try to be more serious with my next line of items… but no promises… I tend to get carried away 🙂

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