Squallrous seas?

A bank of “squallrous” cloud? lol

I sailed through the night in what I have decided to term “squallrous” conditions, arriving in Grenada thoroughly “shaken… but not stirred”…

Only the occasional passenger a.k.a. Eva the ex girlfriend (I’m going way back in time here), has ever been emotionally stirred by landfall. I now suspect that my sailing style may have had something to do with it…

Evidently not everyone enjoys having cascades of water pouring over the gunwale because I’m too lazy to reduce sail in a squall.

Are we there yet?

Oh, and I know that “squallrous” isn’t a real word, but it should be, and the only alternatively satisfying sounding utterance, “squalid” was already taken with another meaning…

When having that gin and tonic sundowner… (to snub the rum and coke crowd), nibbling on a two day old cucumber sandwich or two, you should be able to say to your fellow sailor… “A tad squallrous that last leg from Tobago don’t you think?”, to which the standard reply should be… “Oh, rather…rather… young chap…”.

Note: I still qualify as as young chap in the Caribbean sailing fraternity… as does anyone under the age of 65….


Editors note: Please add this entry into the Absurdly Extended Oxford English Dictionary:
Squallrous n. prone to frequent storms or squalls. Often associated with short lived but violent gusts of wind…. e.g. Aunt Libbie has an infamously squallrous temperament. You really ought to think twice before devouring that last shortbread biscuit.

I think all this single handed sailing is starting to have an adverse effect on my mental state….

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  1. Squallrous is great. Will incorporate it into my next project: A children’s book titled The Squallrous Walrus.

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