Death of a kayak

The kayak is dead… long live the kayak…

As all good stories should, this one starts in Brazil…, you see, my inflatable Sevylor kayak, i.e. the deceased, was just too novel for its own good, and probably also too yellow for the local natives to ignore.

Even before I’d reach the shore from my anchorage of the day, children would inevitably be climbing aboard or seeking a handhold for a free tow to the beach. Mind you, there were times when I didn’t seem to mind if it was treated a little roughly… 😉

I'm not going to interrupt this...

and if the interest had stayed at just wanting to hitch a ride, perhaps my kayak would have survived a little longer. But no…, for some inexplicable reason, a surprising number of people seemed to think that inflatable kayak was a synonym for public trampoline! Even adults!!! Why on earth did they insist on walking all over it in their shoes and then feel compelled to take a nap on it? Right under my nose! The mind boggles…

I’d almost consigned my poor kayak to the trash while visiting Tobago, after a crowd of mini delinquents spent an evening leaping from one sailor’s dinghy to another, deflating the lot. But with a little first aid, Thierry and I managed to resuscitate the craft. At this point it’s innards were securely held together with bicycle patches, but how much patching can keep a kayak together when mysterious somebodies insist on stomping on it while you’re away?

So, what's the verdict doctor?

The straw that finally broke my kayak’s back remains a mystery. Perhaps it was being used as cushioned seating, or as a convenient step to climb over the pontoon fence it leaned against. I’ll never know..

Do tell however if anyone has an indestructible dinghy for sale…I’m in the market. Preferably an electrified one fitted with steel jaw traps to deal with stray budding gymnasts…


4 thoughts on “Death of a kayak

  1. Oh no! And you just got the motor… Well, since you’re not going anywhere for a while you might as well get a big and comfy dinghy.

  2. Hi,
    Very nice to read your blog, that´s what cruising is all about 🙂

    Ever thought of making some videos too? It would be great to see the living in a small sailboat, and how passages goes.

    keep the awesome work

  3. Slt David comment ça va???A part ton annexe.Tu es rendu ou?Moi le bateau toujours à Aratu mais ça y est mon nouveau moteur est arrivé.Je retourne fin février et apres remontée sur Trinidad pour faire sabler le bateau,et reparer les bosses que m’a fait la marina ou je suis en sortant le bateau de l’eau…un peu les boules.Bonne continuation à toi.Amitiés
    Laurent ton voisin de Ribeira

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