On to Estepona

Life vest found at sea

On a smooth gray sea I motored to Estepona. Visibility was poor, but I did manage to see enough to catch a discarded life vest as it drifted by. No markings anywhere and thankfully no shipwrecked individual still clinging to it.

Eileen motored on through the mist, at one point emerging amongst a ‘flotilla’ of resting sea gulls. Taking flight, they squawked angrily, and circled with what appeared to be the express intention of bombarding me with excreta. I managed to dodge most of it, but Eileen was less fortunate!

Arriving at Estepona’s visitors quay, I was courteously met and assisted with securing Eileen. The staff then accompanied me to the marina office where I completed the usual formalities (passport, insurance, boat registration papers), and paid what amounted to twice the daily rate of Fuengirola. Their saving grace however, was the welcoming gift of a bottle of local table wine. Aha!, an obvious ploy to win me over and trivialize the price hike. 🙂

Estepona is well serviced with chandlers, sail makers, night clubs and restaurants. Supermarkets are also just a short walk away, but I did not need or care to venture into town. Having made the most of my complementary gift, I opted instead for an early night.