Waiting waiting and more waiting….

Sailing East to Tobago doesn't look good...

Sailing East to Tobago doesn’t look good…

I’m loafing about Chaguaramas waiting on the weather, which is about as dreadful as I feel (or look, according to some).

Despite the weather, it seems I’m the only sailor not making the most of my visit to Trinidad. How? By indulging in boat maintenance of course!

But why should I? Knowing full well how delighted I am at the prospect of productive labour, I’ve opted to postpone that necessary evil.

Besides, Eileen is in fine shape for sailing, though I’ll admit that she could use some cosmetic work to look her best. Sorry Eileen, it will have to wait…. for now.

You see, I’m on a mission! (Queue Mission Impossible music here…)

It’s all about spending the new year in Colombia… or was it about Aguila beer, I never seem to remember, but what ever the reason, it’s obvious I need to get moving!


Why the rush?

Much as I am enamoured by the regular operatic overtures of the Chaguaramas 8am radio net on VHF 68, the 6am group hikes of ornithological discovery into wilderness areas, and the 9am sharp joint bargain shopping expeditions to PriceSmart. My interests lie elsewhere, (lie being the operative word here), slumber being my preferred state of consciousness at such uncivilized hours.

Not that that saves me from the ubiquitous evening pot lucks, where newcomers are always welcome and apparently delight in feeding the likes of the half starved economy sailor, or the culinary challenged who have arrived with their contribution of popcorn…. once…

Never fear, I’ve found ways to avoid that dubious pleasure too!


If I appear exasperated with the customary anchorage rituals, it’s only because biding my time waiting on the weather is my second most hated thing about sailing .

The first is of course undertaking boat maintenance!