I am a man of constant leisure….

Sunset in the Caribbean

On route to Tobago I had an epiphany! That was somewhere between collecting my free sky drinks and watching supper die at my feet..

Though I may have been somewhat swayed by a readers recent comment… 🙂

The poor mans water maker

I’ve decided I’m no longer a sailing bum… The term lacks direction… Certainly not fitting when I know exactly where I’m going… My GPS tells me!…. and today, like yesterday, it’s North West.

Easy fishing south of Trinidad and Tobago

Yes, I feel I’ve outgrown this label and graduated to “man of constant leisure” status. Queue music from “Oh Brother where art thou”…. I am a man…. of constant leisure….

Another sun sets…. Another beer bottle’s contents mysteriously evaporate….

So.. what was that you said you were doing?