Pizza break….

Genuine Italian pizza at "La Cantina" in Tobago

Genuine Italian pizza at “La Cantina” in Tobago

Just taking a quick two day break in Tobago waiting for a decent weather window… Or it could be that I’m here because I couldn’t resist one last “wood-fired oven” pizza… or… or…  OK, I’ll be honest… (no raised eyebrows please)…

The real reason I’ve stopped is that there are some very minor repairs to be made on Eileen…The loops in her lazy-jacks have come loose and they are inevitably getting tangled up in everything… So while the real reason is that I need to sew new lazy jack loops, understandably I’ll be maintaining the more macho sounding weather excuse for anybody that asks.

I also have to do some tiding up in the boat… I spent an irritating day and a night having all manner of accoutrements make poltergeist impersonations in the boisterous seas. Now I know what it must feel like to be locked in a tumble drier… (so sorry Felix, I was only six… just kidding Mr animal welfare representative)…

If I wasn’t in such a rush to get out of Chaguaramas, I might have made Eileen ship shape. No matter, I like stopping in Tobago. It’s more fun than Grenada and gives me a better angle for sailing further north.

But there are times….