Peniche Portugal, not quite closed to cruisers

Saving the blue lure

Departing Cascais on the 12th of April, in light winds from the northwest, Eileen of Avoca motor-sailed the 44 odd miles to Peniche in just under ten hours. I did nothing…

Slow going, but I did have a slight delay when my new lure stuck to a fishing-pot float. There was no way I was going to sacrifice yet another lure so I captured the flag to reacquire it!

Traveling north, I have no option but to stay close to the coast (to make use of the complementary counter current), otherwise I’d stay clear of these incessant obstacles.

The port of Peniche was officially closed to visitors but apparently they make exceptions. In the limited space rafting up was the order of the day, but what better way to become acquainted with fellow yachtsmen.

Internet at the Java House

I met the very simpatico Jean Marie and Bernard on their way from France to the Mediterranean. After a couple of welcome drinks aboard their yacht (Ricard of course), we wandered into town for our daily dose of Internet weather forecasting. Not such an easy task, but we did manage to find a rather busy establishment called the Java House with free access.

Upon departure we agreed to take photos of each others yacht and sure enough I have already seen mine posted on their blog at:

So as to live up to my side of the bargain, here is theirs leaving the port of Peniche on Tuesday the 13th of April at about 8:20am.

French yacht heading South

Bon voyage mes amis!

I’ll send you the other photos by email.