Cupid’s arrow finds other targets!


Cupid in Gamboa, Brazil?

Having shamelessly pandered to my friends and fellow sailors expectations by ticking the box marked “Show evidence of  smiling bikini clad Brazilians visiting Eileen of Avoca”, and insinuated that my ability to lure young attractive sailing companions rivals the likes of greats such as Errol Flynn, I can now return from my flirtations with fiction and deal with more mundane subjects… Or perhaps not! 😉


Get your free mud treatment in Gamboa. It's all the rage!

I’ve said my goodbyes to new found friends… (and the mud people of Gamboa), and started retracing my steps via Catu, Itaparica and Salvador.

I’m on my way back north to continue Eileen’s Brazilian adventure, though Trinidad is also firmly in our sights. Why Trinidad? Because Eileen needs to be lifted for a growing number of small repairs and Trinidad is reportedly boat-service friendly. But with nearly 2500 nautical miles to sail before I get there, it might take a while.


Sailing Eileen of Avoca in Brazil

Of more immediate concern is getting north of Recife and back to Jacare where the prevailing winds are southeasterly and the current turns favourable. I’m not looking forward to this next leg as I’ve already “been there and done that”, but I’ll try to make the trip more interesting by stopping at several isolated anchorages including ‘Praia Frances’ along the way.

So that’s the plan!

For sailors who wish to visit Morro de Sao Paulo and Gamboa I highly recommend anchoring opposite the small yacht club (not the same as the one mentioned in the guide books). Look for a couple of Hobie Cats lined up on the beach. There is always at least 2.5m on the outer buoys. Here is the position:

13’23.260S 038’55.933W

And for getting through the sandbanks to Cacha Prego or Catu, I can confirm that the following way-points will give you at least 3m at high tide:

  1. 13’10.559S 038’47.265W
  2. 13’09.890S 038’47.070W
  3. 13’09.769S 038’47.226W
  4. 13’08.384S 038’47.746W
  5. 13’07.856S 038’47.730W
  6. 13’07.182S 038’47.901W
  7. 13’06.806S 038’47.902W

Happy sailing!

Party like a rock star!



The crowd gathers for a street party

Convalescing, I missed most of carnival… Most… but not all… With one day left and my flu reduced to a mild case of the sniffles, I decided to join in on the last of the festivities.

Gamboa hosts an increasingly popular series of concerts and street parties for those who choose to shun the gross commercialism of Salvador’s event. I never expected to be in Gamboa for carnival, I’d never heard of the village, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that this is “the place” to be if you want to experience the real thing… time to to go out and meet friends, have a beer or three and mingle with the locals.


My friend Pierre is also ready to party!

Here is the bit where I go out to meet with some friends….

Even the beer is beautiful

Here is the beer or three (I’ve lost count) I promised myself….

Here is a YouTube link to show you what the party was like…



Plenty of room to sunbathe on a Yarmouth23 🙂

And here is some of the recovery-party participants relaxing on Eileen after the previous evenings mingling.


It's smiles all round!

I’m leaving Gamboa but…. I’m still smiling 🙂

I need to go back to bed….


Sick with the flu... Need to stay in bed...

I’ve arrived in Morro de Sao Paulo! Party central. I should be living it up but I’m not. Finding a safe anchorage has been my first problem. The yacht club near Morro de Sao Paulo is no more. It has become a failed night club called Madagascar and the only yachts here appear to be abandoned. It’s not a safe place to spend the night. I had to discourage several young swimmers from attempting to board Eileen.

So I moved to anchorage number 2 in my guide book, near the town of Gamboa. Better, but at 2am a ferry came to anchor so close that Eileen started bumping against it as the tide changed. Luckily there was no damage!

In the morning I met with a Brazilian sailor anchored close by and he suggested that I try the small yacht club by the clay cliffs situated half way between Gamboa and Morro de Sao Paulo.

The manager of the club kindly offered me the use of one of their buoys and the clubs facilities.

Peace at last….

Unfortunately problem number two chose to raise its ugly head.

I’m sick…..

Dauntless hardened adventurer that I am,  I am confined to my bunk until further notice, suffering a severe case of the flu… 🙂