Never occurred to me to wonder why I blog

Yet another blog article is created…

Anchorage bound and feeling borderline apathetic, it’s obviously time for another rant from yea “not so old” gaffer…

While making a recent backup of my web site, I made the following startling discovery. I’ve been writing about my sailing adventures with Eileen of Avoca for nearly six years, and despite my spasmodic posting habits, I’ve managed to notch up the magical 90000 word count for a decent sized novel!

Having reached this questionable landmark, a feat to be duly entered in the annals of of…

But surely comparable with the conquest of Everest, or the taming of someones shrew…. ( So momentous that I’m struggling for correct let alone applicable analogies…), Frankly speaking, I’m amazed that I’ve reached this far. There were times…..

Fortunately my motives for compiling this literary marvel were not exclusively focused on gaining fame and fortune.

Those f words are reserved for single-handed, non-stop, round the world prepubescents….

… and rightly so. I’ll dutifully be the first to buy a copy of their latest book with accompanying plastic back scratcher… I can only applaud their accomplishments.

Especially since I’m no stranger to monetary gains or popular acclaim myself. 😉

Sailing blog statistics

With currently generating a hefty $2 a week in ad revenue and ranking # 6,552,083 in the world… (Right up there with the likes of www.londonbusinessloans in the UK and www.pesticide of Romania), despite sailing writers being a dime a dozen…. one can only be duly impressed. Or not. 😛

Those resilient few who have somehow managed to digest my early ramblings, largely based on the intricacies of navigation, such as which course was set, how far I traveled in a day and what sail combination was most suitable, will perhaps appreciate the web sites dramatic evolution.

Has not the trip report (something I’d grown accustomed to producing as an active member of a 4×4 club member (in a previous life), and felt compelled to repeat for both my benefit and that of the Yarmouth23 Owners Association who’s members regularly documented their outings), not grown into something more? (Which course was set, how far I traveled that day and what sail combination was most suitable…plus… who I met when I got there with accompanying photo of their derrière)?


But even if that’s not the case, I’ve at least managed to compile myself a detailed aide memoir. I’ll be able to hand out laminated copies to all the other residents of the nursing home for itinerants (in what I dearly hope will be the extremely distant future), and proudly say….

When I was young….


Am I mistaken or has a little negative sentiment been creeping into my content of late?


Some blog statistics

Where are Eileen of Avoca's fans?

The USA always tops the hits statistics, but this is certainly because most of the automated indexing and search engine robots come from there.

France and the UK fight for second place, which is really quite amazing considering that the French followers are mostly using translation software. How does my site read when literally translated into another language? Awkwardly?

I suspect that the Ukraine is my never ending source of SPAM blog comments, but that I do indeed have a small following in Russia after this article:

Then there’s my ex-colleagues from Luxembourg, my dear friend from Hungary (singular), and the odd but consistent visit from places I’ve never been.

Do I really have someone reading my blog from Japan? If so, greetings and salutations!


Now take a look at this… Popular Google search terms that have lead people to this site:

  • yarmouth 23
  • eileen of avoca
  • sailing solo across the atlantic
  • port of alexandria
  • brazil beaches
  • crossing the bay of biscay

No surprises here but how about:

  • small boats that can cross the ocean
  • the best small boat for ocean
  • how many yachts sink during atlantic crossing
  • is sailing across the ocean safe
  • is there any money in sailing solo across the atlantic

Do you suppose they found their answers from reading this blog? 😉

I certainly know these people didn’t derive much in the way of enlightenment:

  • why am i an inferior being
  • cost of diesel in fortaleza in november
  • pots and pans as radar reflectors
  • white men less desirable

However, it’s the more esoteric ones that I like the best:

  • fat dog chania … apparently he’s a celebrity
  • becoming a sail bum …. I’m opening a franchise
  • sailing with tiny bikinies … Wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one
  • i ve been to jail … Do I know you?
  • not much just chillin at the pool … Do you suppose they typed their sms reply in the wrong spot?
  • خريطة الاسكندرية … Your guess is as good as mine..
  • position eileen of avoca … I really must update my map
  • bill boyall … Ah… which reminds me… I have more to write about this…