A whale of a time in Bequia?

Back in Bequia

Back in Bequia

I’ve made a quick stop in Bequia to wait out some more nasty weather…  It’s this season’s recurrent theme…. Bad weather! No storms, just too much wind.

What’s too much wind? For me it’s forecasts of 30kts. Not that my yarmouth23 isn’t capable of handling the conditions, it’s just that I don’t enjoy it… Playing sailor in 30kts plus is fun when you do it for a few hours… Not when you have to do it for several days! Trust me on this, I’ve been there….

Playing loner at the whale boner....

Playing loner at the whale boner….

Unfortunately there always seems to be too much wind in the southern Caribbean. If only I were further north… I’ll just have console myself with yet another alcoholic refreshment…

Nice and calm in the bay at Bequia

Nice and calm in the bay at Bequia

I must admit that there are worse places in the world to be stranded a few days….



Bequia is Better… in December

Anchorage in Bequia, Saint Vincent

Ah, this is more like it… Lots of bars, restaurants, and activities to suit all tastes, all within easy reach of a lovely protected anchorage. But where is everybody?

Plenty of boats at anchor but not enough people to fill even one bar to capacity.

Lots of boats but no people!

It would appear that Bequia is the victim of its own success… Super popular with sailors for one or two months of the year (the island can accommodate thousands of visitors in the high season), but if you happen to arrive in May as I did…. “forgetaboutit”… nothing… nada… you’d have trouble finding three visitors for each establishment…

It’s another very empty restaurant / bar in Bequia

Can’t say I’ve been too lucky with my timing, but who’d have thought Caribbean entertainment was so seasonal in nature? Fine if it’s seclusion you seek, but I can assure you that that’s the last thing a single handed sailor has in mind when he goes ashore…. I asked a local “What does everyone do here in the low season?”, to which she replied… “we walk our dogs”…


More boats…. but still nobody….

It’s no secret that I crave a cold beer and decent food when I set foot on dry land. If I can find it in a venue overlooking the anchorage, popular with locals and sailors alike, where I can WiFi galore, people watch, and tell tall tales, I’m a very happy chap…

But whilst I’m reminded once again with the song that’s playing on the radio that “two out of three ain’t bad”… I’m already making my exit plans… (stage left…)