Ile Sainte Marguerite to Nice



At this point I was already wondering where we should leave the boat as our holiday was nearing its end.

Nice would be a prime candidate with its nearby airport and good transport links. I was very conscious that I still had to get back to Port St. Louis to collect my car.

I ventured into the port of Antibes to see if it would afford an alternative if Nice turned out to be overcrowded but quickly realized this was where the super yachts of super yachts slept.

Not quite what I was looking for.

Apart from the toys of the wealthy, I did come across one odd vessel, the Polarsyssel. This wasn’t the first time either. The ship had passed me four days earlier near Ile de Porquerolles. What an Artic exploration vessel was doing in these parts was beyond me, but perhaps I’ll eventually get an answer to this riddle. Upon my return to Belgium and after finding their URL


I sent a polite email enquiry to their site along with my snapshots. (No reply)

By 16:00 I’d found a berth in Nice but it sure wasn’t easy. There was plenty of discussion at the marina office over whether there was really enough space for me, but given that I could not keep the boat here for the time I required, all this was rather pointless.

After several phone calls it was also evident that the nearby ports could offer no more than a few nights stay. So at 20:00 I gave up, left the hard won mooring, and set sail south while the sun set.

On to Corsica!