I’m back in Trinidad having a lime…

S/V Hope follows Eileen leaving Guyana's rainy season behind.

S/V Hope follows Eileen as we leave Guyana’s rainy season behind.

I’m back in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago to be precise. After stopping in both Suriname and Guyana to make some preliminary arrangements for next years Nereid’s Rally, it’s time to relax a little.

Except I’m not especially versed in the art of doing nothing. Not through want of trying, I’ve even researched the subject thoroughly (see Liming in Trinidad, The Art of Doing Nothing – Thomas Hylland Eriksen), but I appear to lose enthusiasm without access to incentives of the bikini clad kind.

Not that I’m a shameless philanderer… yet… I’m more of an aspiring dilettante.

The Aguila girls!

Colombia’s Aguila beer girls beckon!

So I’ve spent the last few weeks provisioning Eileen and making plans for a clockwise romp around the Caribbean starting with Cartagena Colombia.

Well that’s for next week. In the interim I’m working hard on perfecting the art of a “lime” or two with the locals in Trinidad.

I’ll let you all know how I go…

2 thoughts on “I’m back in Trinidad having a lime…

  1. Ahoy David,
    having a lime makes sense for a limey sailing a lime juicer with a worn out flag on the stern. Be safe and have a good lime.

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