Business before pleasure…

Where to moor your yacht in Saint Laurent du Maroni

Visa, check…. Fuel, check…. water, check… all set to go so… just one last look at the weather forecast…. and while I’m at it, any new e-mails?


Suriname holiday goes on hold!

My request to place swinging moorings on the Maroni River has reached a critical phase and I’m off to Cayenne to discuss final technical issues with the authorities.

If all goes well, I’ll be keeping to my proposed timetable of having supervised moorings in place before the year is out.

Here’s a sneak peek of a proposed placement.

Now it’s off to another meeting for discussions on electricity, water and Wi-Fi placement.

It turns out that building a marina in French Guiana takes tenacity…. Fortunately that’s a quality solitary sailors have in abundance… Otherwise we tend to fall off our yachts and drown.

6 thoughts on “Business before pleasure…

  1. I’d given up on you after peeking in for weeks and seeing the “gone sailing” photo. So, when I became completely bored with all the sailing forums and other blogs, I decided to give another try.

    What ho? It seems you’ve been quite the busy young man. Goody-goody! More blogish to feed my stuck- on-an-inland-lake soul.


  2. Yep! Two months before I found myself a spot where I could edit and upload what I’d written on route, but never fear, the blog must go on…

  3. I am pleased to report that my Man of Constant Leisure ball cap has arrived from CafePress. I wore it proudly all weekend. My wife is not convinced that anybody will understand what the acronym means, but I told her that was part of the appeal. We M.O.C.L. are part of a very exclusive group. Let the uninitiated wonder. They probably wouldn’t understand anyway.

  4. I had to have mine sent to Belgium first because CafePress or maybe it was PayPal, wouldn’t accept items for delivery to French Guiana…
    But yes indeed, the M.O.C. leisure brand is for a select clientele only… That you can see the appeal of people not understanding the acronym justifies your wearing it. Obviously you grasp what the label is all about…lol… and I’ll knowingly tip my M.O.C.L. cap to you… when it arrives…

  5. Hello There.
    I just found your blog by chance. My blog for today, is about Fernando da Naronha.. we sailed from south africa to europe in 1981 to 1982..
    now living in Portugal.
    I saw your video clip on u tube. its fantastic.
    just wanted to say love the name of your yacht.
    A blogging friend, has just come back from Avoca in Ireland..
    Wondered if your yacht was named after Avoca in ireland.
    happy sailing. and fair winds. val

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