Apparently I’m crazy…

Eileen of Avoca in Sailing Today

There is a six page feature in the current issue of Sailing Today of my trip across the Atlantic with Eileen of Avoca. According to their editor:

You don’t have to be nuts to sail the Atlantic in a Yarmouth 23 glass fibre gaffer – but it helps.

How about substituting the “be” with “have”…. 🙂

or better still…. “nuts” with “audacious”, “daring”, or “tenacious”

My regular blog followers will have read it all before, but for those that simply can’t get enough, the article can be downloaded here (from the Fisher Boat Company website) or by clicking the following link for a direct download… Eileen of Avoca, Sailing Today article. Better still, pick up a copy at your local news stand!

I’m off to exercise my latent Tourette’s syndrome with spontaneous exclamations of imaginative obscenities…. I hear it helps hone your sailing skills…

2 thoughts on “Apparently I’m crazy…

  1. Hi David – We toasted you and your adventures at Yarmouth Old Gaffers a couple of weeks ago, and really enjoy reading your blog. There were 7 Y23s there, more than ever before! The article didn’t do you justice, but good publicity I daresay and the photos of Eileen were fun. Hope all is still going well.
    Have fun!
    Helen of ‘Hecate’

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