Party like a rock star!



The crowd gathers for a street party

Convalescing, I missed most of carnival… Most… but not all… With one day left and my flu reduced to a mild case of the sniffles, I decided to join in on the last of the festivities.

Gamboa hosts an increasingly popular series of concerts and street parties for those who choose to shun the gross commercialism of Salvador’s event. I never expected to be in Gamboa for carnival, I’d never heard of the village, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that this is “the place” to be if you want to experience the real thing… time to to go out and meet friends, have a beer or three and mingle with the locals.


My friend Pierre is also ready to party!

Here is the bit where I go out to meet with some friends….

Even the beer is beautiful

Here is the beer or three (I’ve lost count) I promised myself….

Here is a YouTube link to show you what the party was like…



Plenty of room to sunbathe on a Yarmouth23 🙂

And here is some of the recovery-party participants relaxing on Eileen after the previous evenings mingling.


It's smiles all round!

I’m leaving Gamboa but…. I’m still smiling 🙂

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  1. Ha! The ladees are definately lovin’ the Eileen of Avoca. Anyone still wondering why you went to Brasil have their questions answered. Great to see you having a good time and the adventure is continuing. Take care – looking forward to the next instalment.
    Best wishes, Brad + Diane (Lupin meoiws in your general direction).

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