I need to go back to bed….


Sick with the flu... Need to stay in bed...

I’ve arrived in Morro de Sao Paulo! Party central. I should be living it up but I’m not. Finding a safe anchorage has been my first problem. The yacht club near Morro de Sao Paulo is no more. It has become a failed night club called Madagascar and the only yachts here appear to be abandoned. It’s not a safe place to spend the night. I had to discourage several young swimmers from attempting to board Eileen.

So I moved to anchorage number 2 in my guide book, near the town of Gamboa. Better, but at 2am a ferry came to anchor so close that Eileen started bumping against it as the tide changed. Luckily there was no damage!

In the morning I met with a Brazilian sailor anchored close by and he suggested that I try the small yacht club by the clay cliffs situated half way between Gamboa and Morro de Sao Paulo.

The manager of the club kindly offered me the use of one of their buoys and the clubs facilities.

Peace at last….

Unfortunately problem number two chose to raise its ugly head.

I’m sick…..

Dauntless hardened adventurer that I am,  I am confined to my bunk until further notice, suffering a severe case of the flu… 🙂