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Reader comments are always welcome on this blog. I do need to approve them first to filter out the SPAM, but be sure to check back for my reply as I do not always answer blog comments with a direct email.

It’s my innate laziness that is to blame…

2 thoughts on “Comments welcome!

  1. I am in Austria yet,snowing,snowing every day.Estepona is a nice little place and they are much cheaper now.
    You did a good job till the Canarian,have a good time there.Elsien and Gerald

  2. Estepona is a nice little place,the prices in the harbor are much cheaper then last year,so we are happy to be there.I am in Austria yet to see my children,and today I will go by train to the Netherlands(much family)
    I wish you all the best.
    Elsien and Gerald

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