Nazare to Figueira da Foz

3-day Friends?

I was up early this morning and after checking the latest weather forecast I decided to leave immediately. Rain was forecast for Sunday and if I lingered another day, I had the impression I’d be stuck in Nazare for weeks!

Not that that was such a bad thing. The group of sailors sheltering in Nazare were a diverse and entertaining bunch. We’d spent all afternoon drinking beer at the small cafe (yes, the one with the gnats), and retired to a Belgian boat (no, not mine) for an evening of “La Grande Bouffe”.

I’m not sure how much more of this I would have been able to take!

I only regret that by leaving so early I was not able to say goodbye to my 3-day friends.

For those not into cruising, the “3-day friend” is quite a common phenomenon. You invariably end up stranded in a port somewhere with a mix of other yachtsmen of varying nationalities and walks of life. You may share drinks or a meal, recount sailing misadventures, tell jokes, and have a chipper time together, only to say farewell as soon as the weather improves. Despite a few exchanged email addresses and the best intentions, it’s rather unlikely that you keep in touch or cross paths again, but never mind, your new 3-day friends are but a port away.

Die Zwei Gebruder

Also leaving at the same time was the German registered vessel, “Die zwei Gebruder”, pictured here. A fine boat immaculately kept despite being nearly twenty years old.

The sailing (and the fishing) has been exceptional. April is definitely a great time to be heading north along the Portuguese coast. Weak low pressure systems off the coast have generated frequent easterlies and slight seas. Despite occasional rain storms, my journey north thus far, has certainly been easy on the stomach. I would not care to head north in July or August when the high pressure systems establish themselves.

What fish is this?

I caught four of these (anyone care to identify my catch?), and after arriving in Figueira da Foz, sat down to a wonderful baked fish dinner with the crew of “Die zwei Gebruder”, as the skies darkened with an approaching storm.

Figueira da Foz, Portugal