Abandoned boats!

Abandoned boats

Abandoned Boats

Here I am busying myself with boat maintenance and moored across from me is the most sorry looking  collection of dilapidated sailing vessels I’ve ever seen.

Why isn’t someone looking after them?
A mystery which was only recently resolved while chatting to locals.

They are the confiscated property of drug runners plying their trade between la Costa del Sol and Morocco!

Which explains why the authorities were so keen to question me and search my boat at Benalmadena and again upon my return to Almerimar.

Except that I hadn’t been anywhere near Morocco… 🙂

I’m told that in the past these assets were sold, but the authorities found they often ended up back in the hands of organised crime so now they just sit there at the mercy of the elements.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned boats!

  1. Please keep the blogs comming. I find them really usefull, enlightening, and informative. If it is possible, please email me with any tips you might have for me on my trans-atlantic voyage – It looks like it’ll be done in a 20 footer!

  2. Hi there David.

    I’ve been following your travels/adventures. So sorry about Chester.



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