Free weather forecasts for sailors by SMS


GRIB data points

GRIB data points for the Mediterranean

I have been keeping myself busy while Eileen of Avoca has been out of the water by setting up my own weather by mobile phone service for the Mediterranean.

See photo for current coverage.


Because when the weather turns, setting the computer up for a quick weather check can be somewhat of a challenge. I wanted something much simpler, and weather forecast  (text messages) by mobile phone fit the bill.

With a satellite phone I can even use the system mid Atlantic! (Except that I have no Atlantic GRIB data as yet, and no satellite phone).

The system uploads Mediterranean GRIB data (at 1 degree resolution) 4 times a day. You access it by sending a text message giving your latitude and longitude to the nearest degree.


Example 36N 25E for the sea between Crete and Kos

36N 13E for Malta

36N 05W for the straights of Gibraltar


You compose an SMS message with the following content (make sure it is all lower case):




and send it to +32 498327494


and a few seconds later you have the 24hr forecast for those coordinates.

Note that west of the meridian you use a negative number, so for the straights of Gibraltar you need to send:




Best of all I offer it to my loyal blog followers for free (all 3 of you). At least while the pre-paid credit lasts.




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  1. I am really enjoying your blog as I hope/plan/will be sailing from North Carolina USA to Eygpt then down to Tanzania where I have recently purchased property to build a pastor training center.

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