My boat was missing!

Eileen of Avoca was not where I had left her!

The momentary surge of panic only subsided as I spied her mast among the local fishing fleet. I’m only just getting used to finding myself relegated to the local fisherman’s pontoon. Eileen’s 23ft stature and shoal draft are to blame, but at least I found her safely secured.

Interestingly my warps were not the ones doing the securing. I found those chafed through on the deck. I guess my fears of leaving Eileen on the water over winter were well founded, but thankfully someone was watching out for her.

I spent the next two days mucking around with my boat (i.e. transferring the muck that was on and in my boat to my own person). The last six months have not been kind to Eileen, her teak brightwork was in a sorry state (imagine a boat with dandruff), and her topsides are in desperate need of a polish. Trivial cosmetic boat fixes might just have to wait. With an itinerary that will take me through some poorer parts of the world, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to have Eileen looking superficially shabby.