Looking for small boat 3rd party insurance?

Not so small boat in Sal, Cape Verde

I once spoke (more like wrote) highly of a particular insurance company I’d been using, but since leaving Cape Verde in 2011, I’ve been forced to redirect my praise.

It all started when arranging my yearly renewal via email.

  • “We can not offer full cover for you once you cross the Atlantic”…
  • “In fact we see that you have not been keeping to the letter of the contract so the best we can do is 3rd party coverage”…
  • …“No the premium will remain unchanged”…

OK, I can accept not been fully covered upon deciding to cross an ocean in a 23ft boat. I doubt there are many sailors who are inclined to place bets against their making it across anyway, but what’s this about not keeping to my contract?

I needed to do a little research here.

After much paper shuffling I discovered that a clause habitually included in my policy allowing me to anchor overnight rather than stay exclusively in marinas was not carried on into my renewed policy.

Sneaky! But more so, because the insurance company had apparently been reading my blog to determine whether I still frequently anchored Eileen! Hence the remark about not adhering to the letter of the existing contract.

I could live with that too (my mistake for not insisting that an exception clause be carried forward), but being charged the same rate (literally 10 times the market rate) for a fraction of the coverage meant I was forced to look elsewhere for insurance.

It took me a while to find the right company, (having written to brokers in at least four countries without a reply), but at last one came up with the goods.


At 50 Euro a year for world wide coverage (5 million in damages) on a self renewing policy I’m chuffed. There’s evidently a reason Germany is the number one economy in the EU. For a start their sales representatives actually respond to client requests.

Highly recommended.

Oh, and despite the terms and conditions being written in German, you can correspond with the staff in English.

4 thoughts on “Looking for small boat 3rd party insurance?

  1. Been enjoying your blog while – nothing to do with the recurring arse photography. I read an earlier post of yours on the interesting query terms people are use to find your site, would you share what sort of page views / unique visitor numbers you get ? Good luck with the project.

  2. Hi David – very helpful and timely post, as I was just about to try and sort my own arrangements out! Do you carry personal travel insurance too? PS I’ll look forward to that beer 🙂

  3. Sorry about the photography… Nasty habit I seem to have picked up in Brazil and I can’t seem to shake it… 🙂
    As for the stats, stay tuned!

  4. No, no personal travel insurance…. I’m betting I’m healthy and will remain that way. Touch wood…
    I did look into it at one stage, but for the length of time I intended to be away it didn’t make economic sense.
    Beer awaits!

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