On my way back to the Caribbean….

I need to make one of these for myself...

The sailing season is coming to a close and if I don’t stop loafing around Saint Laurent du Maroni I’ll miss miss my chance to visit Martinique this year!


Hang up the “Gone Sailing” sign and head North for a few weeks.

I’m at sea… ETA Tobago in 5 or 6 days…. if the fishing is good.

What are you doing?


5 thoughts on “On my way back to the Caribbean….

  1. Hi David, hope you arrive safe, hope you didn’t drink too much caiparina in Brasil.

    We’re anchored out for a couple of months in the Ionian; trying to avoid the flotillas and assorted Europeans during the holiday season. Hope to be back in Corfu in October ish for winter.

    We’ll keep you posted as usual.
    As always take care,
    Brad, Diane and Lupin.

  2. eyhhh where are you…more than a moth without a posts: I do really enjoy your blog!
    Good luck and best wishes;


  3. 2 months later; close to Martinique by now?!
    Frequently checking the blog and enjoying the lazy-bum-stories.

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