Going around the Raz is batty.

My route around the Isle de Sein. Red line shows Raz passage.

It was a relaxingly calm evening, so despite having missed the southerly tidal stream through the Raz I decided to set sail at sunset just to be ‘out there’. Besides, surely it doesn’t take that long to sail around the western end of the Ile de Sein instead of between it and the mainland!
It does…
Now that I’ve done it, I wouldn’t recommend it… Unless your next destination happens to be La Coruna, Spain. I was heading for the Sainte Marine (opposite Benodet) because the current weather window wasn’t long enough to safely cross Biscay.

Yes it's a bat!

Several little passengers took advantage of my unnecessarily lengthy overnight passage. Now most sailors pick up an avian friend or two in their travels but now I can boast about having had Chiroptera. No, it’s not some filthy infection I’ve picked up as a result of squalid living…
I’m talking about bats! There are bats in my new dodger pockets! Now last time I checked, Ile de Batz was on the other side of Brittany, but perhaps these were blown off course.
Before you ask, no I didn’t handle the furry critters. It’s a long way from South America with its blood sucking variety, but the thought of bats possibly carrying rabies kept me from disturbing their slumber. Besides, I hear that the series of injections for rabies treatment is about as entertaining as impersonating a voodoo doll at a witchdoctor rally.
No thanks! Though I understand treatment is somewhat less arduous than 16 painful injections these days.